Vaginas look so different

Many women are ashamed of their vulva. Wrongly! Because there are countless different variants – and ALL are beautiful. See for yourself!

Showering in the pool, going to the gynecologist or undressing in front of the boyfriend – for many women this is a problem. The reason: You do not find yourself “downstairs” really nice. The labia are too small, too big, too dark … Especially in women , intimate ops are therefore becoming increasingly popular. About 5400 labia operations are performed in Germany every year. Some patients actually have medical reasons to go under the knife. But many are simply about aesthetics.

Time to ask: Is this really necessary? After all, such an intervention is not only expensive but also painful. In the worst case, discomfort may remain in the genital area. And what does “normal” or “beautiful” mean? The “Great Wall of Vagina” , a work of the British Jamie McCartney impressively shows how many different forms of femininity exist – and that there is no such a thing as a norm!

We are all beautiful!

What you see here is only a small part of the artwork. Jamie McCartney made a total of 400 vulvar imprints of various women and collected them on a large board. His goal: to make the women afraid that their genital area is not “normal”. We think: it works! Because the Wall shows: We are all beautiful in our own way! And no woman in the world has reason to be ashamed of her vulva .

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