Walking with a dog: packing list and tips for the tou

You would like to have your dog with you on the next hike? No problem, we’ll tell you what to look for and what equipment you need for your four-legged companion.

To move and enjoy nature – hiking is fun and contributes to wellbeing. And if the favorite fur nose is there, the hiking luck is perfect! What to pay attention to before the mountain calls, we tell you here.

Walking with a dog: You should check this in advance

  • Entry requirements for dogs: Upon entry into the member states of the EU, z. B. a rabies vaccine can be detected and the dog with a transponder (also called microchip) to be marked.
  • Leash requirement : In some countries there is a leash and / or muzzle obligation (generally or partially eg in the village or mountain railways).
  • Phone numbers : Clarify beforehand, where z. B. the nearest vet clinic is located and note you the number, if necessary, even for a local (emergency) veterinarian. In the heat of the moment, you certainly do not have the time or the head to search for phone numbers.

Walking with a dog: Equipment

If you go hiking with your dog, you must not forget some things. Here is a packing list for hiking with a dog:

  • rope
  • Light harness or collar
  • First aid kit and medicine chest
  • food bag
  • Blanket for breaks and hut
  • towel
  • Travel Bowl
  • Favorite toy
  • Possibly. muzzle

Your equipment also includes provisions for your four-legged friend: dry food is longer lasting and therefore particularly suitable for longer hikes, sufficient water (bottle for filling) and snacks may not be missing.

Walking with dog: condition of your four-legged friend

For which tours your dog is fit or not, can not be answered flat rate. Is your dog used to regular exercise, more than a short breeze? Is your four-legged friend free from giddiness and gets on well with other humans and animals? It makes sense to consider the answers in the tour planning, generally adapt the tour of the condition of your dog. Take enough breaks , especially if you are in very warm areas.

The condition and the balance of your fur nose can be trained – you should increase the training, however, only slowly. For the beginning are especially wide forest roads, later you can then try narrower. So, with your short trips, you can test how fit your dog is , prepare him for walks and, above all, if your coat nose is not that young, consult with the veterinarian .

Walking with dog: tips for the tour

The tour should please you, sure! Nevertheless, it must also fit the dog and you should preclude avoidable sources of danger in advance – as far as possible. Climbing trails are not suitable for walking with dogs and narrow passages can also be dangerous. Especially for a mountain tour your dog should master certain commands to make the tour as safe as possible. And remember: Running up a mountain is gentler on the joints , than down – if the tour is too difficult or your dog is not used to large hiking tours, you often have the opportunity to go down with a mountain railway again.

Caution should also be exercised when crossing pastures , as suckler cows may see your dog as a danger. Therefore keep your dog on a short leash and cross the area quickly (do not run!). Only in an emergency, so if a cow attacks you, you release the dog from the leash, so he can escape.

With regard to the seasons, it is also useful to take precautions , for. B. in hot asphalt in summer or snowfall in winter (such as dog shoes).

Hiking with dog: overnight stays

At Alpenvereinshütten it can be more difficult to stay with a dog. According to Deutscher Alpenverein you should clarify in advance with the hutkeeper if there is a possibility to accommodate you. Nevertheless, there are plenty of dog-friendly accommodations such as vacation homes or hotels . If accommodation is not specifically for dogs, it’s a good idea to check in advance to see if dogs are allowed – or use routes with dog-friendly holiday homes and hotels on the way.

Here you will find even more great tips for traveling, such as hiking with children , travel hacks to save or the most beautiful hiking routes in the world .

You go hiking with your dog for the first time? Or you are still looking for a travel partner? In our Brigitte community you can talk to like-minded people and get tips (or find a nice travel companion 😉 ).

Videotipp: This feature makes you the ideal travel companion

Diese Eigenschaft macht dich zur idealen Reisegefährtin! 🚀

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