Wanderlust alert! 10 trips you should have done once 🗺

Machu Picchu, Route 66 or the Great Wall – there are countless exciting destinations. A travel agency wants to find out what the best once-in-a-lifetime trips are …

The Dalmatian coast in Croatia stretches from Dubrovnik to northern Zadar. Travelers will not be able to get enough of the sapphire blue waters, majestic mountains and historic places.

Greece is beautiful – and even more beautiful from the water. Travel experts recommend starting the trip in Athens, then sailing on to the magical island of Syros and then to the Aegina with its historic ruins. And in between: gorgeous blue sea and sunsets to fall in love with.

From France to Spain, the path extends for pilgrims. The Camino de Santiago is “a strenuous workout and a breathtaking journey,” says FlightNetwork.

In a small boat with often less than 100 passengers, a tour offers a much more intimate atmosphere than on a huge cruise ship. Wild nature, snow capped mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and crystalline lakes make this trip unforgettable.

The ring road takes you around the island once in a while: at 1332 kilometers, you will experience fishing villages, glaciers, fjords, mountains and waterfalls – let the adventure begin!

In addition to the Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway is probably one of the best known routes in California (USA). It stretches from San Francisco to San Diego, past cities such as Los Angeles, as well as forests, salt marshes and, of course, beaches. What more do you want?!

The ancient city of Machu Picchu in the Andes of Peru is over 2300 meters high – an overwhelming sight! It takes about four days for this trek – but hey, as the saying goes, “the way is the goal!” And of course, it pays off for this outlook.

9288 kilometers – this is the Trans-Siberian railway, the longest in the world. More than 400 train stations are located between Moscow and Vladivostok. The classic route lasts seven days! For a week, travelers can admire the Russian landscape of mountains, as well as Lake Baikal, which at 25 million years is considered the oldest freshwater lake in the world.

The Galapagos Islands are located about 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador. 100 islands belong to the group, all of volcanic origin. Precisely because of the remote location, plants and animals could survive on the islands that are nowhere else to be found! In addition to wildlife viewing, the beaches, reefs and rainforests are also real highlights.

Like in another world! Majestic glaciers and mountain ranges, next to which you feel very small. An expedition by ship is possible from November to March.

Travel Bucket List

Well, what dreams do you want to realize in your life? Creating a bucket list helps many to become aware of their own life dreams – and to implement them! Sure, we should not put ourselves under pressure. Nevertheless, we want to check off one or the other point from the list, after all, they are there because they are important to us. Would be a pity, his life dreams no chance to give! For many, traveling is a bucket-list , and some even have a Travel Bucket List, which means all the goals they want to travel in their lifetime.

The 10 best once-in-a-lifetime trips

Every traveler has his dream destinations , whether surfing in Bali , climbing Mount Everest or lying on a dream beach in the Caribbean and leaving all the fives at bay. FlightNetwork , the online travel agency, wanted to know more about it and, with more than 500 travel writers , agencies, bloggers and publishers, has chosen the 50 best trips ever to have been made in their lifetime. We introduce you to the most beautiful ten in the gallery. And who knows, maybe some dream destinations are already on your Travel Bucket List ?!

These trips are worth the trip

Which other once-in-a-lifetime trips have made it to the list as well? Here you will find a small, fine selection of further trips that, according to the survey, are worth the trip:

Driving the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Australia has many beautiful spots, the Great Ocean Road is definitely one of the must-do’s!

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Tour Amalfi Coast in Italy

Anyone who has never visited this picturesque place has definitely missed something!

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Boat trip through the fjords of Norway

Not for everyone, it must be full sun and beach feeling. The north also has much to offer 💙.

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Roadtrip through Madagarskar

From coast to coast through Madagascar by motorcycle or van, it promises to be a true adventure.

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Hiking and / or kayaking in Patagonia

Just wow!

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