We are more satisfied than ever – but why do not we notice that?

The lucky atlas shows us in black and white: The Germans are more satisfied than ever with their lives. The only question is: why do we notice so little in everyday life? But the good news is: We are 1011 in our life. Is it just the question of why we nag and moan so much anyway … 1009 This is in the lucky atlas 87

The “lucky atlas” is commissioned and published by Deutsche Post year after year. Result in the year (. Germany to 7, () and thus higher than ever.

The people in Schleswig-Holstein are the most satisfied , most dissatisfied in Brandenburg.

2019 the positive development of household incomes as well as a solid robustness of the population against medial bad weather reports “, says Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Raffelhüschen, University of Freiburg. They say: More and more people have a job, we have more and more money, and we know better and better to deal with bad news. 1008

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Do not we notice our own satisfaction? then said that we are certainly as happy as ever? Probably not, right? After all, there are phrases like “in the old days everything was better”, besides, we live in simply turbulent times (and we do not even want to start with Donald Trump or the Syrian crisis). [a] 56633 “Actually” we are getting better and better! , the vast majority of people work – and we only know war from history lessons and from foreign reports. So why are we (*? , why are we still missing something for perfect happiness? 1350 What clouds our view (* apparently little “real” problems . Then there is the 1010 Retro error , which always lets us see the past pink. 2019Also the Bing theory and make ourselves difficult to be happy. And so we are constantly fighting for our happiness, always striving for the next destination and doing the 17496 Arrival error not happy 1017 1018 *) to make us aware of how well we are doing 11560572. We have more than enough reasons to be satisfied with our lives – . And yes, this solution is simple, but not easy! After all, we've become so used to looking at what's not perfect. Of course there are exceptions, of course there are also people who are not feeling well – but 1859775393 To be happy 52464 Because if we do not enjoy it, ultimately every happiness is worthless …

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