Wedding faults: Before that, brides are the most afraid

The wedding – for many, one of the best experiences of her life! What could she mess up? According to an ElitePartner study so much …

Dinosaurs crash the free wedding ceremony , a tornado swept away the tents before the bride’s sister their witnesses speech can hold, or Star Wars villains appear uninvited to garden wedding on. Such catastrophes are becoming increasingly popular with newlyweds – as motifs for their wedding photos in the Wedding Attack style.

But what could really ruin a bride’s day of honor? That’s what ElitePartner wanted to know.

Well 4,000 people interviewed

In an online survey, the Dating Portal has asked Internet users: “How bad are you finding the following things – assuming they happen at your wedding ?” A total of 4,052 adults rated the scenarios proposed by ElitePartner on a scale from catastrophic to not so bad – and as always, women and men were quite divided on many things.

Women seem to be more sensitive to wedding dramas than men

In general, significantly more women found almost all wedding faults “catastrophic” or “very bad” than men . Only two of the 15 points made more male respondents afraid than female: that the wedding night could be canceled (we refrain at this point the “typical!”) And that the guests would not remember the wedding. The former would be absolutely terrible for 40 percent of men, but only for 35 percent of women. The latter would extremely disturb 19 percent of male respondents and 17 percent of female respondents.

The main thing, the guests have fun

For both women and men, the biggest wedding disaster would be: the guests are not having fun! 70 percent of women and 58 percent of men would ruin their most beautiful day of life. For almost as many respondents (women: 66 percent, men: 56 percent), it would be very bad to catastrophic, if the guests would cuddle – your own wedding should therefore like the other especially.

Only in third place of the biggest wedding fails, at least among the women surveyed, a scenario that does not primarily concern the well-being of the guests: The day is so stressful that you can not enjoy it yourself (women: 61 percent, men: 47 percent). After all, there is a very reliable and simple measure against this concern: worry less about how the wedding arrives at the guests, and focus more on himself and his sweetheart!

You can find all the results and the ranking for the answers of the men in the table – details are the percentages, how many of the 4,052 participants rated this answer as “catastrophic” or “very bad”.

women Men Ranking men
The guests are not fun. 70 58 1
There is friction between the guests. 66 56 2
The day is so stressful that we can hardly enjoy it. 61 47 4
There is no party mood. 56 49 3
Important family members or friends are missing. 55 45 5
I do not look as good as I imagined. 51 22 14
Our families and friends do not get together. 48 40 6
The wedding exceeds the planned costs significantly. 48 40 6
I do not like the wedding photos. 46 38 10
At the wedding hardly emotions come up. 45 28 12
The guests go too early, the wedding is over too soon. 45 40 6
One of the guests steals the show. 38 28 12
Surprises and speeches are not tailored to us. 38 34 11
The wedding night is out. 35 40 6
The wedding is not remembered by the guests. 17 19 15

You want to share with others about your biggest wedding fears or joys? Then have a look at our community !

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