Wedding Music: The best tips for your wedding party

After the wedding the bride and groom and the wedding guests like to swing the dance leg. We have put together the matching wedding music.

Wedding songs for the wedding dance

Whether a wedding waltz or a modern choreography: The wedding dance is an absolute highlight at every wedding. Which dance styles and styles are chosen, of course, is your decision. For the opening dance of your dream wedding, we have put together a list of wedding music. Be inspired by our music tips. ❤️

  • “Everything”, Michael Bublé
  • “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” Elton John
  • “I Say A Little Prayer,” Aretha Franklin
  • “Kiss From a Rose,” Seal
  • “Is not She Lovely,” Stevie Wonder
  • “You Give Me Something,” James Morrison
  • “Wonderwall,” Oasis
  • “Kiss Me,” Ed Sheeran

Wedding music for the wedding singer or for the wedding band

How your favorite songs are played at your wedding is up to you. Of course, the playlist can be played simply as a playback or you can organize a DJ. Anyone who decides on a wedding band, wedding singer or singer, can specify certain songs. So your wedding party is guaranteed to get into the mood quickly:

  • “All You Need Is Love,” The Beatles
  • “Dancing Queen”, Abba
  • “I do not know anything that’s as beautiful as you,” Xavier Naidoo
  • “Just The Way You Are,” Bruno Mars
  • “Shake It Off,” Taylor Swift
  • “Sexbomb,” Tom Jones
  • “I Want to Dance With Somebody,” Whitney Houston
  • “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” Stevie Wonder

Wedding music for the playlist

After the opening dance the playlist has to be filled with numerous songs. We’ve put together romantic, pop, rock and classical songs for your perfect wedding reception.

Romantic wedding music: For Fairytale Bride, Prince Charming and Entourage

2-room apartment: “Because it’s love” – It’s nice to be in one’s arms, exchange views and enjoy the moment. Why? Because it is love. Hach, wonderfully romantic … and a bit electronic. Ideal for dreaming and floating.

Jan Delay : “For a lifetime” – Jan Delay sings an imposing love ballad that lets forget the vices of this world. With charming rhymes and smaller expressions just the thing for an uncompromising declaration of love.

Cat Power: “I Do not Blame You” – Cat Power, aka Charlyn Marie Marshall breathes softly into the microphone. This gets right under your skin and makes you forget everything for a moment. The whole wedding excitement for example.

Norah Jones: “Come Away With Me” – Run together somewhere where the world is better and love never ends. Only where? Norah Jones does not reveal that, but she lets us dream of this nowhere with her beautiful voice.

Tomte: “I sang about you all the time” – “Do you know what you mean to me?”, Thees Uhlmann asks his great love, whose name stands against the wall of his heart. A romantic liaison of pop rock and lyric.

Razorlight: “Wire To Wire” – The Swedish band around Johnny Borrell conjures up a beautiful ballad of riffs. Besung becomes the unconditional love, wherever and whenever one experiences it.

Pop wedding music: party until dawn

Absolute Beginner: “Love Song” – You want a love song? You get a love song. A little hip-hop ode to the music that begs to be in love – a song that you love, indeed.

The Black Eyed Peas: “I Gotta Feeling (Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night)” – No doubt about that. If so, the DJ plays this song to encourage you – and at the latest then the dance floor should be open for all. Swings your legs, on a good night!

Me + I: “Strong” – Even the hardiest will get to the point where the world seems to be over his head. It’s better to have somebody who believes in you and tells you where to go. The whole thing then packaged in a beautiful melody and the courage is ready.

Sportfreunde Stiller: “A compliment” – If you do not like the kitsch metaphors of roses and starlets, the Sportis offer a good alternative – with bizarre and heartrending comparisons like that of Liebe and a toy department in the supermarket.

Jan Delay: “Forever and you” – From the original of Rio Reiser is screamed, burned, lied, sworn and brought the moon from the sky. Probably the most beautiful love ballad of all time.

Emiliana Torrini: “Jungle Drum” – Her heart beats like a drum, so much is Emiliana in love. In order not to burst, she gets air with her happy ditty. That invites you to hurry and enjoy.

Rocky wedding music: Everything, just no standstill

Red Hot Chili Peppers: “I Could Die For You” – Yes, there are heroes who give their lives in the name of love … Macabre, but love is on such dramatic oaths. Fortunately, Anthony Kiedis remains in the subjunctive and thus alive. And besides, the song “I Could Die For You” is way too nice not to put it on the playlist.

Lenny Kravitz: “I’ll Be Waiting” – We all would like to have one: someone who is just waiting to kiss our broken hearts and, in addition, realizes that we have secretly loved him for years. A wonderful happy ending song!

Arctic Monkeys: “Baby I’m Yours” – With a text à la “when the rivers flow upward and the rabbits shoot hunters” the song reminds a bit of poetry album times. Paired with beach boy sounds, the whole thing is an untypical, but wonderfully nostalgic piece of the British rock band.

Slut: “Easy To Love” – she is so wonderful that she is easy to love and exposes her very presence to free will. Slut succumbs to love without a hitch and lends it to dramatic dramatic rock sounds.

Bakkushan: “Baby, you look good” – With an unmistakable compliment and rousing sound you get even the guests with two left feet on the dance floor. After all, this is not about rigid steps and promenades – here is rocked!

Nada Surf: “Always Love” – love always, because hatred is omnipresent. What wise advice in the skirt robe. Goes as easy in the head as this song in the ear. Play it again, DJ!

Aretha Franklin : “I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You” – that’s just a statement and the newly wedded happy. Although he should be aware of his uniqueness, a little confirmation never hurts. And that comes here so soulful. This wedding music ensures goose bumps!

Scorpions: “You And I” – Heroic, heroic, Scorpions. With so much distorted guitar, extravagant gestures and boobs only Klaus Meine and Co say what is on their mind. “You and I were just made to love each other now forever and a day …”

The Doors: “Hello I Love You” – In the unlikely event that you do not know the name of your future at the wedding, you could let the Doors speak: “Hello I love you, do not tell me your name ? “ poses in a most elegant way the long overdue question and says by the way what the heart thinks.

Kiss: “I Made For Loving You” – A whole human being “only” to love you? Great! It does not have to be Paul Stanley with a painted vampire’s face. All in all, a nice confession of love, which should enthrall guests of all ages with its catchy melody.

Herbert Grönemeyer: “I love you” – even if it sounds a bit cute from the mouth of a mid-fifties – the message is coming. The verse “I love you, so nice, I’ll just humor it” also speaks to an important aspect of the love life: to laugh with each other and about themselves.

Foo Fighters: “Tired Of You” – Till death do us part … The Foo Fighters never get tired of their counterparts. And the best thing about this rock ballad: you take it from them.

That was not enough wedding music for you? No problem! For the collection of the bride before the wedding ceremony and the excerpt of the bride and groom, the right love songs should not be missing either. We have put together many ideas for you: wedding songs for registry office, church and celebration .

You are in the middle of planning your wedding? We have a checklist for the wedding for you. And no wedding dress in sight? On our Pinterest page, you can be inspired by pretty bridal gowns.

Videotipp: If you use this word for your relationship, there is something big between you!

Liebe, Paar, Herz

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