WG-Casting: That's what awaits you – and so it will be a success!

Your first WG casting is coming up? Here you will learn how to prepare yourself and other practical tips on the way to the new room!

Finding a suitable flat is not always easy, especially at the beginning of the semester many students are looking for good and affordable Rooms are of course much sought after! Whether you are a student or simply looking for an exciting flat-sharing community: What you are after and how you prepare for a WG casting, you will find out here. The most important tips for getting to know you with the WG, you can see in the video.

WG-Casting – This is how it works

1. Before the WG casting

The cover letter is not so important right? The casting starts in principle before the personal meeting. Because often WGs, especially in student cities and / or in a good location, overwhelmed with requests – this is often the reason why you (and many others) receive no answer. From the many cover letters they have to pick out who they want to get to know.

So what should you look out for the cover letter to be invited? Well, of course there is no magic recipe for that. Referring to the ad (eg “ I am also looking for no purpose -WG, but I'm happy to drink a glass of wine with my MBs “) and something personal to tell (eg “() “) definitely bring you closer to an invitation! Sure, part of your message can also be prescribed, say copy and paste, but not everything. A personal touch is needed – despite exhausting search – nevertheless, you want to live together later!

So you can prepare yourself for the casting

First, think about what was in the ad for the room and how the shared flat has described himself. Which questions are still there with you? For example: How is the WG life, consideration is taken on each other, z. For example, how does this work with food / shopping? Otherwise, write down questions that you can ask. And: In addition to such more formal criteria, ask the residents something personal . Either you think in advance what you could ask or you let it come to you and ask questions spontaneously. If you ask nothing or a little, it could be considered as a disinterest.

2. During Casting

How long does castaway casting take

How long the casting takes depends on several factors. How many applicants have the WG members invited, all at once for an introductory round or in succession? Are all in a row on the same day and the dates are tightly timed? All this is difficult to know in advance, so plan plenty of time. Maybe it will take ten minutes, maybe you'll talk for two hours – who knows?!

What happens during the casting?

Mostly the apartment and “your” room are shown in the beginning, before everyone sits down and talks in the living room, in the kitchen or in the free room. Usually it's a casual get-together – and the potential roommates have often gone through this situation themselves. You may be asked to say something about yourself at the beginning (you are prepared! Und) and also to say why you looking for a room. The WG still tells something about itself – for you the perfect approach to ask a few questions about the people and living together. Questions could be:


Why would the current tenant want to move out?

  • What about a visit to the shared apartment? ()
  • What are you doing together? (*) when you want to decide . So you know what you are and you do not have to wait unnecessarily. Did not like the room, the people were weird and you can not imagine their life together with them – say that presented differently “or” It is not right for me “is absolutely not a broken leg.


    refrain from making promises, which you can not or will not hold in the end. So no: “ I bake fresh cakes for you every Sunday “, “ I clean the kitchen from bottom to top “or” every day , no problem! “

    3. After the Casting

    This is not a must and is handled differently by everyone: If you had a good feeling after the WG-Casting, you can write to the WG later and say that you liked it and you can imagine living together well. A few, crisp sentences are enough , do without praise. Write really only if you feel that it fits and the potential roommates do not take it as Ankiederung. Normally one notices in the course of the conversation, whether one is on a wavelength – or just not. And if not, the next flat is a new chance and maybe the right one!

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