“What am I doing this for?”: Despair as a mother

– a loving mother-mum-maker for the first year with a child, from which we are allowed to publish an extract that will surely speak to many moms from the heart. This text contains a Affiliate Link .

There is this tiny little human that is completely dependent on you and your care. Everything is new, everything is unfamiliar. On the one hand you are overjoyed, on the other hand you wish for someone to catch you again and again, in your first time as a mom. 4023233417 ()

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© FISCHER Krüger 3395469782 2562383102 How much care does my child need? How much do I need? And can I allow myself this self-care? The baby screams for hours, it does not sleep at night, it has pain in the stomach or teething. No mum finds it easy to see their baby suffer. Almost the pain is already physical with us. 3600 Advice from the outside, the alleged secret recipes that do not seem to apply to your own child. The thoughts of the job in which we - when actually? - also want to go back. Or do not want to go back. The worries about the finances, the missing time for two with the partner, the frustration.

The everything can drive us to despair in total.

Our life situation has completely changed. At first we thought: Pah! Nothing has changed for me! The apartment is the same, the man too, the car anyway - we notice gradually: Ui, it has changed - especially inside - but quite a bit. We are wearing ours Heart now partly outside of our body, namely in this little man who is growing up. We want the best starting conditions for him and for us. Of course, there may be panic at times. That is - completely honest - completely normal. Sometimes it can help to simply name your own despair.

I sometimes despair when I'm standing by the window, holding you in my arms, shaking, unable to lay you down, and life just keeps going outside.

I sometimes despair that I have to look for the favorite pacifier before the first coffee.

just do not calm down.

I'm only in the mood mode.

If I can not do it all day, I just despair of just writing a single e-mail or making a phone call or sucking the floor.

Instead, tear open a bag of biscuits.

I sometimes despair of children being scattered all over the place.

goes beyond Dutsi Dutsi Tütata.

Sometimes I despair of not being able to recover from tiredness and the strange thing about the key reappearing in the fridge.


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