What are bad dates?

In an accidental dating changes with the aging nothing. Who is ready for a romance or more, can get to know male special copies.

I had decided to go back to the marketplace of love affairs. Of course, after many years off, I was a bit out of practice, but I had to act. I was looking for something comforting, towards a decent cake. And there he was actually just around, at a party of friends: a treat to kneel down. Whatever he looked like decades ago, age had made him a dream man. Tight facial features, sensual lips, slightly wistful smile and just solo again, as I learned from the hostess. I spoke to him on the spot, there was no time to lose. He talked about the novel he was writing on, his voice velvety and deep. I asked interested questions, the only promising gimmick I remembered.

How do I silence him?

A few days later we met in a cafe. The man immediately opened his heart to me. The relationship with his ex-lover had been doomed from the start, now he was a broken man. The man told for a long, very long time. My authorities called for withdrawal, but I ignored her and kissed her pretty mouth, so that he finally fell silent and put an end to the misery. The man kissed with him, then he went on hurrying – about his deep wounds and his life, which was a torment. And about me, who could understand everything and wait by his side until he was completely free for me. Until then, I can proofread his book, because I’m the only correct. Sometimes a woman needs it with a mallet before picking up her legs.

I probed my needs and advertised old fashioned in the weekly of my confidence. “Adult woman looking for mature, untied gentleman with a clear mind.” Maybe I was looking for something completely different, but that with the gentleman seemed to me refined. It takes a lot to feel like a gentleman, I thought.

There were a lot of answers when a few smart, sociable men were waiting for me. I renounced the exchange of photos and found myself extremely casual. I met the first man. He looked good and wore laced leather shoes. An excellent start. We went out to eat, the man told humorous about his job as a teacher, he asked me questions, gorgeous, gorgeous, it can be that simple. After about an hour he came to what really occupied him: the overthrow. The overthrow, I learned, was prepared from a long hand. The whole thing is an international, highly involved story with all sorts of involved and non-involved. The signs are in themselves everywhere, one only needs to know how to interpret them. I tried a few objections, but it was the way it was: it was time to gather supplies, now, and seek shelter, otherwise you would be lost. I like nerds. Unlike earlier, I know today but to distinguish from insane.

Sure, even a field marshal may want to have it on the butt muckelig warm. But if already General, then please also tight …

The next man was sovereign, only the weatherproof jacket over the suit irritated. It was a mild day, we walked on the water. In his mails, he had circumvented the topic job. Now it turned out: He is a general. “Stay calm!” I reminded myself. “Nobody is convicted here.” The General spoke of dangerous special commands. Well, I thought it has something of James Bond. This man can save me when danger threatens, that’s not a bad thing. Then there was a nice bench with a nice view. But the general did not want to sit down. The bank was too cool for him. I offered my scarf, and now his butt rested on my beautiful cashmere scarf. The general was still not well, he said things like “So, we should now in the warm …”. Sure, even a field marshal may want to have it on the butt muckelig warm. But if you’re a general, then be careful, whatever that means.

Last time I met a disheveled rick in hiking boots. Overall, the man looked like a hundred-year-old rabbit who had just dug up his cave. Deep in him, the Schrat asserted, slumbering a cultured gentleman, most likely. I should just lure him out, he was curious. After the meeting, I went to a bar by myself. That seemed appropriate in my state of helplessness. Somewhere away sat a woman in her thirties who was desperately pounding her cell phone. Heartbroken, obviously. I drank a “No Bunny Knows”. Somehow there had just been a somewhat silly plan in the pants. But sitting on a bar stool without knowing where to go was a very good feeling.

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