“What are you dreaming about?” 7 girls answ

At Girls’ Day 2019, 7 girls visited us in the editorial department – and we asked them about their dreams. Almost all …

“I would like to have a good job, I should not be in a bad mood, and I want to be happy with what I have, and I would like to have some animals later on, like a dog (maybe a Husky) with whom I would like to be can travel a lot and then really like to come along.Thus, I would also find a great year in LA, Sweden or Venice, the rest I will rather come to me. “

“Actually, I do not have any real dreams, but I want to have a good job, a house and a happy, long life, and I do not want to die so early, because I think there is something new to experience at any age I just want to end my life and not die from lung cancer or anything like that … Oh yes, I have one more wish and I never want to start smoking !!!! “

“I dream of emigrating, preferably to Los Angeles, I want to experience new things and get to know something different, I love discovering new things.”

“I dream of going on a world tour after school because I really enjoy traveling and looking for people living in other countries and getting to know new people, and then I would like to move to America, preferably a big one House by the sea.”

“I want to travel, I just love to be free and do what I want, and I want to be a journalist because there are many opportunities in this profession to discover the world and meet other people.” I love it, mine Of course, I should not lack money either – but the money would not only be for me, I would only need the bare necessities, such as food, clothing and accommodation I would like to donate the rest, because I also want to help people with little money and few perspectives to make a better life.

If journalism does not work, I’d like to become a singer. I love to sing and listen to music a lot.

“I dream of having a house in the mountains later, because since I was three years old, I love to ski, I always feel good in the mountains and I like nature there.”

“I want to achieve something in life that I can be proud of, something that makes the world a bit better. When I grow up, I want to be able to look back and say that I have lived and lived my life happily made something out of it. “

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