What can not pregnant women eat?

There are many myths surrounding the diet during pregnancy. What can not pregnant women eat? We will clarify you.

What can not pregnant women eat: Introduction

Since the diet affects the development of your baby, you should at least consider a few basics . This article focuses on the things you should not eat during pregnancy. Which nutrition is recommended in pregnancy, you can read here.

In advance: You should always abstain from alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy because they can have negative consequences for the baby.

What should pregnant women not eat: avoid toxoplasmosis and listeriosis

Which foods harm my child? This question is probably all pregnant women. A potential infection with toxoplasmosis or listeriosis is the reason why you should avoid certain foods. Although the bacteria of these infections are not particularly dangerous, they can enter the placenta and thus harm the baby. Salmonella , on the other hand, can take pregnant women on their own, thereby complicating pregnancy.

What should pregnant women not eat: tips, what is now taboo

  • Raw meat or fish: Especially raw sausage, ham, salami or tartar should be omitted due to the risk of toxoplasmosis in the diet. Raw fish, eg in sushi, offers attack surface for Listeria. Also avoid raw eggs or foods that contain raw eggs.
  • Smoked meat or fish: For smoked foods, there is an increased risk of germs.
  • Processed fruits and vegetables: Vegetables and fruits, for example, should not be packaged, as they may contain bacteria. Plastic packaging is also a good breeding ground for the pathogens. Be sure to thoroughly wash any food before eating it.
  • Coumarin: Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom or cloves contain coumarin. In larger quantities, there is the danger of a labor-promoting effect.
  • Raw or untreated milk products: milk should only be consumed in the heated version. Soft cheeses like Brie, Gorgonzola or Mozzarella are made from raw milk and therefore not good for your baby because you can catch infections such as salmonella, listeria or tuberculosis, which can then cause brain damage to the baby.

What should pregnant women not eat: These foods only in moderation

  • caffeine
  • Wild mushrooms
  • White flour products
  • soft drinks
  • convenience foods
  • Sweets

In order for your child to get all the nutrients it needs, a completely vegan diet during pregnancy is not recommended. As a vegan, you should therefore coordinate closely with your doctor and be intensively controlled during pregnancy .

Nutrition during pregnancy – this is where you can find out what you can eat. You want more tips for your pregnancy? From tea in pregnancy to nail polish in pregnancy – we provide you with all the important information.

If you want to share your diet with others, check out our BRIGITTE community .

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