What do self-confident women expect in the relationship?

Anyone who has a self-confident wife as a partner, can be really happy – because he gets a lot from her! But of course he has to return one or the other …

Confidence is known to be one of the most important criteria of a dream woman ever! After all, self-confident women, for example, make clear announcements to their partner, instead of letting him puzzle for a long time, trust him instead of controlling him, and generally have a lot to give her. But of course they also make high demands on the people with whom they share their lives. You know: a long-term happy relationship works only if the partners are equal. So that means: Who denies a self-confident woman the following things in the long term in the partnership, can already adjust internally to a round of separation pain and to go through the four stages of separation sooner or later …

10 things that self-confident women insist on

1. love

Self-confident women are not afraid of loneliness. And they know that they are adorable and will earn and find true love. That’s why they do not invest time or energy in partnerships that keep them from being alone, giving them regular sex, or just having their “plus-one slot” at parties …

2. Freiraum

Girls’ evening, Me-Time, own interests – self-confident women also insist on their freedom and their individual “living space”. Only in this way can they continue to develop themselves and, above all, to maintain their self-confidence!

3. Loyalty

Sure, there are different forms of relationships (Mingle, Friendship Plus, open relationship) and it can also come despite love and relationship happiness times to an affair or an infidelity. But the loyalty that self-confident women expect from their partner remains untouched or beyond. For them, the most important aspect of being loyal is that they remain number one for their life partner and always have priority. Then she may have enough self-confidence to deal with non-exclusive forms of relationships or even to forgive a slip-up.

4. Respect

A self-confident woman would never put up with disrespectful behavior from her partner! If he is late, he informs her, if she is hanging out with friends, she is his queen, if he makes important decisions, he discusses them with her and if he has problems, he asks her for advice.

5. Tenderness

Every now and then a quickie is more than okay for self-confident women, but at the same time they insist that their partner gives them what they need in bed to orgasm. Whether you’re looking for a blues sex with extensive foreplay or special sex positions – self-confident women rely on a balanced mix of tenderness and variety during sex.

6. Trust

Usually self-confident women do not have much to do for it – their self-confidence usually radiates on their partner. If he does not, he has a problem. Because a self-confident woman does not need to constantly justify herself to an insecure control freak …

7. Intimacy

Sharing secrets, possibly being able to fool, hang out unmade-up with pizza and ice cream on the couch – a self-confident woman wants to be able to drop one hundred percent in her relationship, both physically and emotionally. There remains only one thing for the partner: Accept and join in – or leave.

8. honesty

Not only a prerequisite for loyalty and consequence of respect, but also a value that self-confident women insist on. They do not accept games or have to be “protected” with any lies or untruths. Clear messages, open criticism, sincere compliments – what they give their partner, self-confident women in return expect from him.

9. Independence

As well as their freedom, self-confident women always retain their independence in the relationship. Not as a safety net, after all, they wholeheartedly believe in their partnership. But they know that their independence is part of their self-confidence, and that without them, they would be a less equal partner to their partner than they are to their independence.

10. Equal rights

Sounds unsexy? But it is not! Confident women insist that everything be shared equally in their relationship – rights and duties. Partners who are unwilling to compromise or fail to show their weaknesses do not stand a chance with a self-confident woman.

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