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Be strong? Not always so easy, especially if you slept badly. But our author has found a way to make her stronger every day, no matter how well-rested she is.

Honestly? I have never been a big fan of being strong! Always head up, hold on, clench your teeth, do not let yourself go, do not let his feelings off track, even make his weaknesses even stronger – that just sounds a bit stressful to me. And (at least in my case) blatantly pretend and act. But in the meantime I have strapped that having to be strong means something else – and that’s just what the above is not.

What means strong?

Strong coffee makes you especially alert, after a strong caipi, someone should be especially attentive to me and a strong accent is especially sexy (or super sweet, if it’s Dutch!). In all of these things, the word “strong” means something like intense, in terms of the trait that most characterizes the thing (coffee for caffeine, caipi for cachaça, accent for deviation from native speaker speech).

Why should “strong” in relation to humans suddenly mean something completely different? Because if, for example, I do not let my feelings off track or clench my teeth, I’m doing exactly the opposite of what “living intensely” would be for me. After all, if I ignore my emotions, that’s an important part of my personality.

Strength must not break people

Plus: I like strong coffee, strength is something positive for me! On the other hand, I do not like people who do not show their nakedness or never fail . I think strunz unsympathetic! And they are not happy and successful either.

For example, I worked in a job and a team where the two superiors never made mistakes – it was always the others! And although both were animal control freaks and had an eye on absolutely everything. Totally crazy! One of them worked about 80 hours a week and at the end of 40 he had two strokes. Both times he gave up a long rehab and was back in the office after four weeks. As a result, he limped and it was difficult to understand because he mumbled – after all, he is allowed to legally park in the disabled parking space … The other was not overworked, but since his divorce he tyrannized the team, the stroke supervisor and me, where he could. Sometimes one smelled his alcohol-flag, his conspicuous red-speckled face was always seen.

These two men wanted to be strong, but they had a completely wrong idea of ​​what that is (much like I used to!). And so they not only destroyed their own lives but also others – for me it was the worst two years of my career to date.

A strong person is …

But how, if not faultless and inviolable, must a person be so that one can, with a clear conscience, be described as strong and admired? For me, this is now very clear: He must be particularly human !

Humanity is in humans what coffee is the caffeine. Humanity distinguishes us as human beings and distinguishes us from jellyfish, caipis and stars. And humanity is great! After all, it includes such great and lovable things as charity, imperfection, stain, team spirit, longing, needs, conscious enjoyment, fallibility, sensitivity, pursuit of happiness and creativity. My biggest role models and inspirations (my parents, my big sister, a few bloggers) are also totally human.

Also, three of the most typical human traits are …

  • our social sense : our whole society and reality only works by working together. Without the others, each and every one of us would be fucked up.
  • our individuality : we are all different and unique!
  • and our ability to learn : We learn and develop throughout our lives based on our experience (and the mistakes we make!).

This is for me everything important, what I need to know about being strong, clarified:

  1. Together we are always the strongest!
  2. Being strong has almost 7.7 billion faces!
  3. I get a bit stronger every day (because I’m open to growing my experiences and mistakes)!

So that suits me. And already strong-being does not sound like stress anymore and pretends to be something nice and worthwhile. After all, all I have to do is to be – wholeheartedly – me!

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