What problems do happy people have?

Happy people do not have problems? Error! These problems are even typical of people whose life is all paletti.

Maybe this will make you a little bit disillusioned and shocked, but no matter how happy you are and how much you do in your life, you will always have problems. Even the most beautiful life is never easy and only “perfect”. After all: Some “confounding factors” and blemishes are typical luxury problems of people, who can therefore be happy in the first place. If they seem familiar: Congratulations, hats off and keep it up!

Problems of happy people: If you know that, you are doing everything right

1. You are afraid for your life and for what you have

There are at least two types of anxiety: fear of something and anxiety about something. The fear of something is often triggered by uncertainty and certain ideas (how to overcome such fears , we’ll tell you here). Fear for something shows us what is most important to us. If you sometimes get a feeling of fear, you could lose something or someone, or you suddenly become ill, have an accident and die, then you obviously care about your life. Jackpot! To wish that it continues as long as possible, is a great luck.

As long as she does not outrun or prevent you from enjoying your life, that kind of fear is a real luxury issue. If you did not care, you would definitely have to worry more …

2. Some people just can not do it right

You have people around you who obviously do not like you? Colleagues? In-laws? Known? Relative? No matter, it’s a good sign! No one can cope with everyone, only those who pretend can seemingly (!) Be liked by everyone. If you are happy and have a self-confident look, then some people will surely envy you. Sure, that’s a bit silly – but probably a much bigger or more serious problem for the others than you. As long as you have enough people around you to be good with and that you like, you do not need to be distracted by the others.

3. You can not help everyone you would like to help

Your girlfriend is doing bad and you burdened? Or does your mom have a lot of animals and you can hardly relieve her? This is of course really stupid for them – but nice for you, that you can share in the life of your loved one! Righteous compassion usually feels only who has everything at least halfway well under control. If you had land under you, you would probably hardly notice that others are not so great. Or maybe it would make it easier for you to know …

4. You often feel torn

Tired, but do not feel like going to bed ?! Impatience, but the feeling that time is racing ?! Definitely A – but B please ?! Sounds like you are watching too many ways and opportunities in your life rather than too little. If your anticipation for the next day at night sometimes does not calm you, you can not wait for your future, even though every now and then you would like to press the stop button, because you would like to have more time, or if you have several At the same time enthusiasm for options, you can calm down: Because then you are very likely on a super good way!

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