What you really need when camping – the checklist for printing

Forests, mountains or beach: the main thing is nature – a real holiday break. For this to work and you can recover, you will find here a detailed packing list for the camping. Also for printing and checking off – so you will not forget anything!

The long-awaited holiday is coming – but before you jump in the car and go, you should still think of a few things! So that you really do not forget anything, we have put together a packing list for your camping holiday. Also for printing, so that you really think of everything;).

Camping: suitcase or backpack?

Whether you go camping with a suitcase or a backpack is a matter of faith. Yes, you have to carry a lot of weight on a backpack, on the other hand, you do not have to roll a suitcase over badly paved paths, grass, stones and mud – as long as he can do that and you have to pin him under the arm at the end.

Packing list Camping: Where to go?

Inform yourself in the apron among other things:

  • if you need a visa for your travel destination,
  • how much might a ferry ride cost
  • if you need a vignette ,
  • how you are insured abroad , etc.

If you camp in a rather warm and sunny country, you will probably be able to do without the umbrella, rather take a parasol or a beach shell. The following list covers a basic inventory that you can use during camping and should be adapted and / or supplemented depending on the destination.

Packing list Camping – start in time

The destination is, the campsite is booked, now it’s time to pack. Before that it is important for you to find out how the campsite is equipped. Is there z. B. a kitchen? So you can possibly save valuable space in the car – and if you are traveling without a car even more! Start packing the camping in time (about two weeks before departure) so you have plenty of time to replace a broken tent, get an adapter, buy enough basic food etc.

Packing list Camping: the basics by categories

The packing list for camping is clearly arranged by category – so you will find everything very fast. At the end you will also find the list for download.

Documents and finances

  • Cash (in local currency)
  • ID / passport
  • EC card
  • Electronic health card
  • Possibly. international health insurance
  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration
  • Travel documents (travel guide, directions, booking documents)
  • emergency numbers
  • Possibly. money hiding


  • Spare wheel
  • Warning triangle and safety vest
  • tow rope
  • Reserve key
  • Reserve canister
  • Bandage and toolbox
  • Possibly. Navi / road map
  • EVLT. Membership card automobile clubs
  • Possibly. Vignettes and toll cards


  • Mobile phone and charging cable (possibly power bank)
  • Junction boxes or extension cords
  • Possibly. socket adapter


  • Tent and pegs
  • hammer
  • padlock
  • Tape / cable tie
  • Klappspaten
  • pocket knife
  • Sleeping bag and mattress
  • pillow
  • Lamp for the tent and headlamp
  • Candles / tea lights / mosquito candles / lanterns / torches
  • Camping table and chairs
  • Camping stove (+ gas cylinder) or grill (+ coal and lighter)
  • Lighter / matches
  • pots and pans
  • cutting board
  • tin opener
  • Cooking spoon / barbecue tongs
  • Camping dishes (eg stainless steel or melamine)
  • Camping cutlery
  • picnic blanket
  • Blanket for cool evenings
  • Bowl for rinsing + sponge + rag
  • dishtowels
  • trash bags
  • Storage boxes for food
  • Drinking bottle on the go
  • cool bag
  • Hand brush and shovel
  • sewing kit
  • Rain cover for backpack / packsack
  • Umbrella / parasol

Basic meals

  • Ample water (10 l canister)
  • Coffee / tea / cocoa powder
  • Pasta / Rice
  • cooking oil
  • canned goods
  • Salt, pepper, sugar
  • Other spices


  • Laundry bag / bags for dirty laundry
  • travel detergents
  • Sleepwear
  • Long sleeve shirts and T-shirts
  • pants
  • Underwear and socks
  • Outdoor clothing as required (functional shirt and socks, rain jacket and pants, etc.)
  • Shoes as needed: hiking boots, rubber boots, sandals
  • Change pair for shoes
  • Fleece jacket or thick sweaters for evenings
  • slippers
  • Swimwear
  • Hat or cap
  • sunglasses

Hygiene and health

  • First aid kit
  • Toilet paper
  • towels
  • Earplugs and sleeping goggles
  • travel pharmacy
  • Personal medication (eg asthma spray)
  • Toothbrush and pasta
  • Shampoo and shower gel
  • Creams, deodorant, razors
  • Nail scissors and tweezers
  • brush
  • Zeckenzange
  • Mosquito and tick spray
  • suncream

You can also download the camping packing list and check it off piece by piece. Everything? Then it can start 😎.

When camping at the festival you will find here a suitable festival packing list .

You travel with child? Then take a look here: 12 things that you learn while camping with children . And of course, the best friend of man must not be missing: So walking with a dog is really nice.

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