When are we finally there? The best tips against car boredom

What helps against the famous quiz question? Our readers reveal here how they survive long car rides with children.

Most children love car rides. When they are short. An hour-long journey through southern Italy at 30 degrees, however, can become a hell of a ride.

How do you keep the little ones happy? That’s what we asked our readers. Here are the car survival strategies of the BRIGITTE-MOM readers, from practical travel accessories to good traffic jam games to the best music CD.

By Meg Wallace: “The blast on the trip from southern Germany to the North Sea was for my two boys (5 and 7) the game ‘advice pass on the road’ by tiptoi (Ravensburger) .You could not play it often enough, counted traffic signs, solved puzzle questions and stared hard for minutes out of the car window, only to discover first the next church.Also, the tiptoi books are a treasure trove, if the two should occupy themselves.For the car ideal.And when we then in front of the Elbe tunnel in the Liz Wright continued to help us with a jam, and her unbelievable voice calmed down even the roaring one-year-old sister, who promptly fell asleep – and paused until shortly after Heide! “

Andrea M .: “With us, the Surprise Bag Marathon has proven itself on longer trips: every 50 or 100 km, depending on the age of the children and the route, there is a paper bag (sandwich bag) with a filling: a grape sugar, a small car, Pixibuch, borrowed Book by KiGa friend, Mini Bandolo ….. If you hoard in advance or lend some money to friends, it will not be expensive and the excitement will keep you from wringing! “

By Minstrel02: “Role swap for older children (reading age): Make child Navigator Regularly pass villages and search on the map Ask ‘Is it still far’? Practice reading cards Role exchange for the little ones: Child sovereignty over the snack box ( Give carrot sticks, cucumber slices, small tomatoes …) and the water bottle Ask regularly if you can still have a carrot If this is no longer enough, Mama has to fulfill the carrot tasks (singing a lion, singing a song – very loud, very quiet ).

From Mrs. L .: “We used to count bridges, whoever sees them first calls loudly ‘bridge’ and is allowed to kneel the sibling – funny too: motivate motorists to wave, or driver to whistle and another tip: who in traffic jams Pipi must be and ashamed, opens the front and rear door, gets out and pies hidden in between, is also true for mums. “

From Werkelschaf: “What wonderfully helps is a ‘Grabbel bag’ Fill a (sturdy) transparent bag with lots of (!) Stirrup beads and 4-5 small toys (toys, cars, etc.) and close it with tape. ( If you have it, you can also tighten it with a vacuum sealer.) The children can then discover and guess new things in the bag by pushing and pushing, which usually bothers them quite well. “

By Momo: “‘Witch Knickebein’ is our CD on long journeys, everyone is singing a lot and everyone has their favorite song, distracting the kids for about 45 minutes.”

From imjuni: “As a child, my sister and I used to make funny names and words from the abbreviations of the number plate locations, so it was a great way to pass the time.”

From Susanne B: “Our problems with longer car journeys begin when food, nipples, employment fall down or are dropped down. Crawling halfway into the back footwell during the ride is rather bad, so I arm myself with: 1. One “Sack” full of nipples for the little Madame (brings about 10-15 minutes rest until he is weggefpffert again) 2. a huge box with everything crumbles, but not rumschmiert (a good tip: corncob, there can be soooo 3 to 5 minibooks 4. CDs for the big one, though I can’t stand ‘Mama Muh’, etc. in continuous looping anymore, so I have to come up with something else. “

By Stefanie: “We sing with our barely one-year-old daughter in the continuous loop the ‘Bibabutzemann’, for a change sometimes even rapped or ‘The monkeys racing through the forest’, ‘Hänschen klein’ or invented or parent talk just sung (must be terrible listen, but works mostly). To do this, I always give new toys to the back of the child, like things she did not get in the days before. “

From tortue80: “My daughter loves stories of the little witch. Every drive there is a new story of the little witch that comes to mind and tells Mama that requires a lot of creativity to come up with new stories, but my daughter is happy for every ride. “

From NiBaSa: “So after the main part of our Reiseproviants was already destroyed before we are even on the highway, first the Malbrett comes to the train.Happy to paint our daughter (3) so happy! That lasts about half an hour Apart from the fact that as a parent you have to pick up the fallen pens one hundred thousand times, which of course always fall into some cracks and you have to get pretty twisted to get it off, that is actually quite relaxing and then finally the DVD player on the headrest of the Front seat mounted, ‘Pippi Longstocking’ inserted and the redeeming play button pressed, episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, … (there are many episodes). “

From LittleMrs: “Before scouting playgrounds for rest areas or attractions along the way and planning a decent break every 2-3 hours, everyone can move around and be a better driver.”

From Mrs. Stoll: “It’s actually / probably / maybe not okay (do not care!), But on longer journeys the complete collection of ‘Shaun the Sheep’ DVDs comes along.The integrated DVD player was not alone, but with but until Shaun comes into action, there is the complete program of singing (loud and oblique), counting excavators and tractors, tickling legs, entertaining with the dolls or discussing it in an endless loop Why is there not a glucose left now, by the way, my little one is 2.5, and my big one is 40, dreaming that the entertainment system can be used in two ways as well: child looks at Shaun, man plays PSP – and Mum goes on holiday And honestly, sometimes I dream of it, too 🙂 “

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