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A break from the partner? For many a frightening idea – and often only the first step to separation. But under certain circumstances, a relationship break can be absolutely useful.

For many, a relationship break is first and foremost a shining signal that a relationship is over. Oh yeah, but then we can go face-to-face together soon ?! “ The possibility that a temporary breakup makes the partnership good and strengthens the relationship in the long term does not exist in the minds of many people at all.

But … why not? From the job you need a holiday, even if you still like to do it. And hobbies that we absolutely love and without which we did not want to live, we also have sometime over when we practice them every day for years. Why should one not need (and take) a break from his favorite human being in a similar way?

Sure, ideally we shape our relationship in such a way that we have enough freedom, do not get on each other’s nerves or at some point just define ourselves as “Kim’s girlfriend”. But if we accidentally squat too much in the intoxication of emotions? Or, for convenience, run a variety of habits that do not do our partnership good in the long term? After all, it is because of our relationship routine when we are fed up, and not because the person at our side is not the right person . Therefore, a relationship break may be absolutely meaningful and helpful – for example, among these five.

5 circumstances in which a relationship break can help

1. You forgot who you are

No, we do not mean that you have stubbed your head and lost your memory, but that you have neglected your identity and your self-confidence . Because you wanted to fully concentrate on your relationship and your partner. It can happen that in a partnership we lose sight of our own goals, dreams and values ​​- and then only one thing helps: pack things, break out and think back on yourself . When the longing for the treasure arises and the desire to tell him about his own insights, everything is clear.

2. You have already tried everything, but nevertheless always compete against each other

Talk, argue, sex. You already have all the obvious conflict resolution strategies, but nothing helped lastingly? Maybe you need distance and a different view of things to see what’s really behind your problems. If you have already tried many things, it shows that you both have something in common with each other and your relationship. So, from a wide-angle perspective, it’s a good idea that you’ve been upset over little things all the time – about which you could have laughed as well.

3. When you think about your future, you do not see each other

Oops! If you do not think of your sweetheart as a grumpy old man next to you, if you think for 40 years, you should take that seriously. Whether it is a sign that a common future of both of you is not there, or that you just do not know where your journey is going, you can find out best by taking a break and from there another 40 years continue to think. Do you perhaps now see a wrinkled face in which you recognize someone very specific? Well then the break was worth it!

4. Everything is just too much for you

Stress on the job, your mother is having a hard time, and your relationship feels like extra ballast ? Then talk to your partner and agree on a break. In some phases of life, not even the person you love can help you and you always do well. But that’s no reason to give it up once and for all.

5. The fear of losing your partner is almost driving you crazy

You are so jealous that you are embarrassed? Are you in such a hurry that your relationship could break or you could split something else? Because you can not imagine a life without this man by your side? Well, even then, a break could do you good, as much as it may surprise you. Even if you have found the right person and you stay together until the end of your days, you should always maintain a minimum of independence and a basic sense that you can be happy on your own . To become aware of this and to gain the certainty that you are not out of fear but out of love in the relationship – a relationship break can be absolutely worthwhile for that.

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