Whisper: Gynecologists share intimate confessions

We know how we feel when we visit the gynecologist – but how is our gyn? In the online portal “Whisper” numerous gynecologists talked from the sewing box.

Who likes to go to the gynecologist? Okay, of course, doctor visits are obviously not an event to look forward to, but gyn is for the most part probably something similar to the doctors (and we’re talking about a rather dirty toilet) …

But how is gynecologists doing in their profession? In ” Whisper “, many gynecologists have shared what moves them. Some posts are a bit shocking, some funny, some reassuring. But what they all show: gynecologists are only people who do their job. And if we see them as such and treat them openly and honestly, the ideal way should be to help us – not torture us!

Confessions of gynecologists

1. Sex education lessons skipped?

“I used to have a 20-year-old female patient who did not know you were going to get pregnant through sex.”

2. Remorse

“I also perform abortions and find that incredibly difficult.”

3. Special social position

“Most people look funny when they find out I’m a gynecologist.”

4. Please not too early!

“I find it shocking how many young teens are sexually active.”

5. Understanding gyn phobia

“As a gynecologist, I hate it myself, like the plague of going to a gynecologist.”

6. vagina overload

“I do not like watching Vaginas all day.”

7. False prejudices

“I wish people would understand that I’m a gynecologist because I want to give birth to babies, not because I want to watch pussies all day.”

8. Appointment

“My job is exhausting and tough – but it fills me with luck to help women.”

9. Horny job …

“To be perfectly honest … sometimes it turns me on a bit what I see as a gynecologist.”

10. Abortion discussion

“It pisses me off that so many people are in favor of the right to abortion, without knowing how abortions work, what traumas they can cause, and what consequences they can have on the body and psyche.

11. Who does not know that …?

“Sometimes I hate my job.”

12. It stinks me

“One time, a woman farted right in my face.”

13. Professional at work

“Ladies please, do not be ashamed to show me your vagina just because I’m a man – I’m used to it!”

14. Conflict potential for relationships

“My wife hates it when I tell her about my work, but she understands …”

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