Who is on THIS music, has the best sex

You think you have the best music taste in the world. But you have the hottest? A study shows what your playlist reveals about your sex life.

“Breathless through the night” is not only your motto in bed, but also your favorite song? Then we have to disappoint you! Because according to a study, the preference for Schlager is not necessarily a guarantee of great sex. For a study of the ticket portal “Tickpick ” more than 1000 people were questioned about their taste in music and their love life. The result: a ranking of the “hottest” music tastes. Say: Who is on a particular genre, has the best sex. And … drum roll … which is it?

How cool is your taste in music?

1st place: Country

Hossa, cowgirls! 66.3 percent of country fans are completely satisfied with their sex life. Presumably, the riding position will not be neglected …

2nd place: Blues

Apparently blues makes it really horny. Because 64, 3 percent of the genre lovers say: “I have the best sex, where are!” And interesting: With an average of 16 minutes of contact, they have the longest sex! As one should say, blues would be sad …

3rd place: Jazz

Goodness, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington must have been real sex gods. Because 63.2 percent of jazz fans have the ultimate fun in bed. I wonder if the right blowing technique is important? (Sorry, unfortunately we could not resist …)

Who is the bottom bracket?

Okay, all Ed Sheeran fans have to be very strong now: Pop lovers unfortunately have the least fun in bed. Only 57.2 percent are satisfied with their sex life. But no worry. Listen to "Country Roads" more often and then you will!

Oh and one more thing - just for the sake of fairness. You fox have probably already noticed: Since the study is not from Germany, the category "Schlager" is not listed. So you can breathe a sigh of relief as a Helene fan ... 😉

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