Why do men often have a new wife after a breakup?

What is really behind, when men are looking for a new partner after a breakup? 62020 Currently the separation of mountaineering icon Reinhold Messner (74) and Sabine Stehle ((*)) cause a stir. The two were married for over ten years, now they have separated from him – and he has a few months after the breakup a new girlfriend. Reinhold Messner confirms Compared to “Bunte”: ” Yes, she is a few decades younger, with her I feel great curiosity what I do, it's my sounding board “62020

How can that be? Does not the man have to nibble at the pain of separation , many observers wonder. Why do men often have a new wife after a breakup? For this question we have with the hamburger 4294967295 spoken.

39 How fast someone has a new partner after a break has nothing to * who separated from whom and how much the individual can rely on a social network “. This is often the crucial one Difference between women and men, so his experience. When separated, women often have access to a strong social network, sharing the separation and thus better processing them. In addition, after the end of a long relationship, they rather want time for themselves, a kind of “recovery phase” to reflect on themselves and the wishes for the future.

Men are more likely to be alone <=b&&122> Men, however, are often alone or do not want to talk with their pals about the separation. “For men, it's often a loss of face when they're abandoned, and of course they do not like to talk about it,” explains Eric Hegmann. ” And that works naturally well with a new partner. “[d] ( 2400959708 0123456789

() 20170907 Paartherapeut Eric Hegmann 3757 11636844 (*) Relationship expert Eric Hegmann supports singles and couples on topics such as conflict resolution, couple dynamics, dating, or dating protrude.

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