Why you can cancel dates – and thus strengthen your friendship

Stop it: our editor finds that rejections even strengthen the friendship.

I was today Evening appointment with my best friend. Lots. We usually do it like that – there can be something in between. Nothing happened to me. I just do not feel like driving cross-town tonight tonight, but rather feet-high – 10877600 Netflix – to. I canceled her. I still do not have a guilty conscience. 32768 so. Not too long ago, I've been planning my days. After all, every person I care about had to get his place. A date during lunch, a drink after work. Just do not disappoint anybody, please everyone. Save yourself. How that ended, you can imagine. For the weekend, when I finally had the time I needed, I either had migraines - or felt so burned out that I just wanted to crawl under my blankets. [a]

1010 Arrangement . But that does not only do me good, but also my friendships. Why?

For friendships, quantity is not quality

Actually, the answer is so simple: quantity does not necessarily mean quality. But you often take a long time to become aware of it. If one squeezes appointments into an already full everyday life, appointments become obligations. And commitments are rarely fun. 1350

At the same time, they do not do it justice to friends. Nobody wants to be ticked off as a time slot like an annoying point on the to-do list. Because if you would rather be somewhere else, you rarely let yourself in on the other person. You are not really there, even if you are physically present. And you can tell that. 32768 In fact, I believe that 1674 Friendships for half an hour, when you'd rather be in bed than every four weeks for four hours - or even a full day?


How much time is available. * worth a man to you? Give it to him. But only when you have taken care of yourself. 1018 Very important at this point: You need no stress to make you feel stressed. Some people may live next to one (*) - Doing a week of sports, meeting friends, visiting family, cheating the household and writing a book on the side. Others need more time for themselves. If we are so keen on individualisation, let us also give each one an individual sense of stress. ()

Number one: By opening yourself - and honestly admitting that you just have no time or just do not feel like it. Stuff fits. This not only shows respect, but also appreciation. 30537 Number three: By building mutual trust to build a trust that takes all the pressure out of your friendship. You know, you like each other, you know, you want to see each other, you know, you'll make it - but you also know that you have reasons, if it does not work out. And that nobody takes offense at you 61092 If someone does not show understanding, this person may not be a real friend. This is how you differentiate true from false friends. 1158496 1018

1009 Do not be afraid to cancel a date [] But if, then please correct. And not every flower needs water every day to survive. What I mean by that: 46067 True friends stay even if you do not see them for a while. ( the White? My best friends are, absurdly, the people in my life I least see. This summer I was at sea with two of them. One of them I have not seen for half a year, the other not for weeks, although we live in the same city. This weekend was just us. We have deliberately decided to spend this time together and do nothing better. And what do you notice again and again at such meetings? True friendships are not measured by how often you see each other - but by the fact that each time it feels like it was yesterday. 1016

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