Will there be children with “off button” in the future?

A futurist predicts a trend for the year 2050 that will allow adults to be parents only when they feel like it.

Just turn off the child if it is too annoying? Exactly that could perhaps be possible in the year 2050, so the futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson.

Compared to ” The Sun ” he explains his theory: He assumes that in some decades there might be some couples who no longer have any real children – instead virtual children .

The interaction with the virtual children should be made possible by “Virtual Reality” glasses. With such glasses, elaborate technology creates artificial worlds that should give the user the feeling of being part of this virtual reality.

The researcher explains:

The virtual children could be based on the DNA of the ‘parents’ and act and grow up like real children.

The key difference : such virtual children could, for example, be ” turned off ” when they are stressed out of the job or very annoyed. Such a “relationship” is, according to the researchers, also much cheaper and simpler.

Of course, it is highly questionable if such a virtual parenting could even begin to be as emotionally fulfilling as the real contact between parents and their incarnate child.

Testing life with a child?

But, such an idea of ​​the futurologist: such a virtual reality could be a good option for still childless people to try first, what life with children feels like , before they take on this responsibility in real terms.

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