With the 6-3-6-3-method you get through the day better – and it only takes 2 minutes!

Have you ever slept too little and too much program? Maybe then we have just the thing for you: The 6-3-6-3 method gives you an energy boost – and costs you only two minutes!

No question, life is beautiful! But sometimes quite exhausting ... And stressful. And demanding. And time to recharge your batteries or focus on the beautiful things - such as the beautiful cloud formations in the sky, the leaves dancing in the wind, or the lovers sitting on the bench kissing each other while watching the rest of the world to forget ourselves - we have too little in everyday life! Want to be friends and relatives, where you have to contact us again urgently, and what does the bedroom look like again? !! 1518500249


hang it down and turn it off - although they would actually like to actively contribute ... Fortunately, there is a simple trick that can be at least somewhat mitigate all these stress symptoms: The 6-3-6-3 method!

The 6-3-6-3 method for the energy kick betw (Ischendurch

It's a breathing technique that relaxes by tidying up our heads, but also gives us an energy boost because it optimizes our body's oxygenation. And this is how the method works: 2017 Set a timer (eg on your smartphone) to two minutes, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing ...

      inhale through the nose for six seconds , (*), (*), (*), (*), 26)
    • hold the air for three seconds (), (*), ())
    • 32 a "Sch", but also goes like this) exhale ((*), (), (*), (*), (*), ())

      1003 , (*), ()).


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