Woman expects triplets. That's how her husband reacts to the news …

Stephanie learns that she does not expect a baby. Also no twins. But triplets! When she delivers the message to her husband, she films his reaction to it. Indescribable – and so cute!

Being a father is not difficult, but being a father is very much – Wilhelm Busch already knew. Of course this applies to one child. Hard to imagine, if you top up from two to five children, right?

Stephanie Valas returned with a great news from her gynecologist appointment: she not only expects her third baby, but also the fourth and fifth! In order to teach her husband as clearly as possible, she draws his attention to the ultrasound images. But first she turns on her cell phone camera and starts filming:

He: “Is everything okay?”

She : “Look, do you see a difference?”

He: “A, B, C. I do not understand, is something wrong ?!”

She: “That’s the picture of Baby A. That of Baby B. And Baby C’s …”

He: “Okay …”

Silence. Then he seems to realize it …

He: “We’re getting three babies ?!”

She is silent.

He: “Are you serious? One, two, three?” Count down with his fingers.

He begins to laugh hysterically. She seems to burst into tears.

He: “Why … is that bad?”

She cries.

He: “That’s wonderful!”

She: “We will have three bays …”

He: “Holy shit!” ( Pauses, starts laughing again, pulls himself together ) “Are you healthy, is everything as it should be?”

She: “Yes.”

He: “That’s wonderful, that’s great!”

He looks at the pictures again. She continues to sniff.

He: “That’s wonderful! That’s good! Do not you think so?”

She: “I think it’s great, it’s just that … shocking …”

He: “Oh, nonsense, you’re healthy – who cares about the rest, I’m so happy!” Pause. “But we now need a bigger house …”

Stephanie released the video on October 28, 2018 on YouTube. Since then, 2.16 million people have seen it. Viewers are excited about the father’s reaction: “One of the best reactions of a father I’ve ever seen! What a great father!” Writes Hilary C. Another writes: “What we see here is true Dear, a wonderful family! “

Everyone agrees: they wish the expanding family happiness, health and happiness for the future. We can only agree with that!

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Sie hat dunkelhäutige Drillinge geboren, obwohl beide Eltern weißhäutig sind

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