Woman leaves villa for 17 euros – and you have a chance!

Alla Wagner owns a dream house in Canada. Because she can not live in it, she gives it away. The price: a letter and 25 Canadian dollars.

This villa was Alla’s luck – until her accident

“I was used to living in the big city and I could hardly imagine living in the countryside until I took my family to Millarville for a friend, and I immediately fell in love with the lush hills and felt free and arrived Time, when we drove to our friend, we were excited and determined to live there.

My dream came true. When I wake up in the morning, I first enjoy the spectacular view from my bedroom – on bright sunny days, on days with clouds moving across the sky, or with mysterious fog rising from the lake. I love seeing the geese and ducks by the lake, the wide sky, the starry nights, the wild animals and the view of the snow-capped mountains. No matter which window I look at, the view is beautiful. This area and my home is a paradise for writers and artists! “

This is how Alla Wagner from the Canadian state of Alberta describes the happiness she experiences every day in her villa. She would never voluntarily leave her beloved home. But her health now forces her to do so. Since an accident, she can no longer climb stairs and is more or less tied to the upper floor with the three bedrooms, which affects her life too much.

She conceives the action: “Write a letter, win a house!”

Unsuccessful, the Canadian had tried to sell her house on the lake for 1.7 million Canadian dollars. Now she has the action “write a letter, win a house!” designed to give their house to people who really appreciate it and benefit from it – and even to get a good price for their house itself.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Automatic deposit for e-transfers have been linked via PayPal and via regular mail.

Posted by Write a Letter, Win A House on Saturday, January 26, 2019

The requirement: In a letter or an e-mail as convincing as possible in a maximum of 350 words answer the question: ” Why would a move to this dream house on the lake change my life?

The text must be in English and well written, and may be written as an essay, letter or in simple paragraphs. In an interview with “Spiegel online” Alla Wagner said about previous submissions: “Some people have packed their story in a small hardcover book, some send puzzles.”

In addition to the letter are 25 Canadian dollars to pay (for example, by PayPal). The Good: The amount is so small that anyone can raise it – even people who devote their lives to creativity and have little money, Alla Wagner said on their website – even low-income families would have a chance.

Alla wants to read all the letters herself

At the end of the campaign on April 5, 2019 , she herself wants to select 500 finalists, from which a jury will select the winner. A prerequisite, however, is that a total of 1.7 million Canadian dollars come together. With approximately 68,000 letters the price for the house would be reached.

The competition ends prematurely if it becomes clear that there are not enough applicants or if the house is sold elsewhere. If the contest is canceled, all participants get back their 25 Canadian dollars (about 17 euros).

Anyone can mail their contribution to sioni@telus.net or send it to the following address:

Alla Wagner

PO Box # 74

Millarville, AB

Canada T0L 1K0

You want to participate? You can find all the information on Alla’s Facebook page ” Write a Letter, win a House

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