Wooden wedding: meaning, decoration and gift ideas

The wooden wedding is a nice occasion to celebrate. We give you inspiration for chic deco and matching outfits as well as – material and immaterial – gift ideas.

The wooden wedding celebrates couples on the 5th anniversary (in some regions it is the 10th wedding anniversary). Here you will learn all about meaning and customs and we will give you tips for gifts and outfits.

Importance of wooden wedding

Why do you celebrate the wooden wedding? Because wood stands for stability and stability on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is so beautiful: “Where there is planing, shavings fall” – and after ten years, the couple has mastered a lot and yet they continue to work or work on the marriage .

Customs at the wooden wedding

Customs vary regionally. So it is customary in some regions that the jubilee couple repeats the wedding dance in wooden shoes. Do not miss the wood chips , which are symbolically distributed in the apartment. As a rule, the decoration at the celebration consists of wooden elements . Combined with flowers, lace and / or sisal as well as noble colors such as white, cream, red or pink tones, the deco makes something neat.

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Gift ideas for the wooden wedding

It’s always nice when gifts for the jubilee couple reflect the occasion. Therefore, all presents with or made of wood fit for the 5th wedding anniversary. This can be something small symbolic or a bigger gift. Here are some gift ideas:

Tip: The gift includes a matching card with a few nice words. Here you can find inspirations for a charming saying or a beautiful poem: Congratulations to the wedding .

Wooden Wedding: Games?

Besides giving time , games are another nice alternative to material gifts . And what was entertaining at the green wedding five years ago is still funny! Organize a few wedding games for the couple and surprise them with it.

Clothes on the wooden wedding

If you receive an invitation for the celebration of the wooden wedding, you can ask the dress code in advance. If you are not sure which clothing is appropriate, you can not go wrong with a casual chic. We have collected a few inspirations for you:

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