WOOP WOOP! With this method you fulfill your greatest wishes

A simple way to meet our needs? We just say: WOOP WOOP!

Finally come together with Mr. Right, find the personal dream job or see clearly without glasses – we do not have any unfulfilled desires that accompany us at every turn, but in which we have long come to terms with it: That’s not in our hand !? Maybe it’s time to rethink. With the WOOP method, we should be able to reach achievable goals much more reliably and to be able to let go of the unreachable ones – in just four easy steps.

Origin of the WOOP model

The WOOP method was developed by psychology professor Gabriele Oettingen ( “Psychology of Success” , Droemer-Verlag). Since the 1990s she has been researching how to best achieve our personal goals and how, for example, positive thinking , which at the beginning of her research was still considered the recipe for success, had an impact on coping with challenges. One of Oettingen’s first and most important findings, however, was already then: Optimism is often useful and can help in many ways , because he generally makes happy than negative thinking – but with a positive attitude alone, you realize no dreams . Sure, otherwise you would not need a WOOP method …

WOOP: In four steps to the goal

Although some will certainly lift both hands after applying the method and “Woop, Woop!” flutes – the term is an acronym in this context and stands for

  • WW ish (wish / goal)
  • OO utcome (result / result)
  • OO bstacle (obstacle / challenge)
  • PP lan (plan / strategy)

Practical – because these are the four steps to follow in the WOOP technique.

Step 1: Wish

In step 1, you first formulate your wish or goal as clearly as possible. If you are using the technique for the first time, you may prefer to start with a small target, such as completing an unpleasant phone call or cleaning up your closet. You can take care of Mr. Right or the job change if you are more experienced! 😉

Step 2: Outcome

The second step is the most beautiful – because then you imagine the ideal state and imagine how it is when you have fulfilled your wish. Finally, relax when the phone rings, enough room for your favorite clothes in the closet, no morning search for the blue jeans with the comfortable fit … too good to not make it true!

Step 3: Obstacle

Step 3 is to consider what exactly prevents you from realizing your desire. Very often, it turns out that we are above all a mental obstacle in the way. Fear of confrontation, regret or shame that you did not call a long time ago, overestimating the effort that cabinet cleaning requires while underestimating the happiness it brings us. Sometimes, however, there are physical obstacles or time management issues that keep us from achieving our goals. It’s best to list them all as accurately as possible – but do not get discouraged! After all, you’re only at step 3 … 🤗

Step 4: Plan

In step 4, creativity is required. Now you’re figuring out how to overcome your obstacles, preferably the if-and-then scheme: if I get in the way of Hurdle A, then I’m acting like this to jump over it. If I get so scared of the argument, I prepare myself for the interview so that I feel more secure or if I’m too big for the whole cabinet, I start with the left quarter . In this way, you clear one obstacle after the other out of the way – and at the end you have clear path towards the goal.

How effective is the WOOP method?

The WOOP method takes into account a crucial factor that neglects positive thinking (unfortunately often): the reality ! In the real world, not everything turns out well, if we believe firmly enough, and we get nothing for nothing, just because we want it from the bottom of our hearts. At the same time, the technique is based on an optimistic attitude and thus uses its motivating, force-giving effect .

Another plus : While we certainly can not achieve all of our goals magically with this method, it can greatly help us clean up in our heads . It makes it easier for us to understand our desires and dreams clearly and to understand why we just can not meet some of us. That in turn often makes it easier to check off or live with. So we stick to it: WOOP WOOP! 🙌

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