Yoga holiday on the Baltic Sea: The best tips from the editor

BRIGITTE editor Nikola Haaks repeatedly tried to make friends with yoga – each time in vain. But then came Timmendorf …

The yoga mat and me – a new attempt

It starts with the fact that I can not find the room. Symbolic beginning? When I enter it, all my fellow retreats are already there – in a strangely muted semicircle, their legs crossed to the lotus position. “Uh, hello, sorry …”, I murmur, looking for a gap and try this yogiartige posture, in which it almost tears in seconds, the hip flexors.

Yoga and me, that’s a long history of suffering. It’s like having a man in the wider circle of acquaintances who you find totally unattractive, but your friends always say, “He would fit so well with you, you just have to get to know him!” And then you politely talk to him and think, no, thank you, not my style.

That’s how I felt about yoga. I have tried it several times in various places, because it supposedly sooooo good (“You are always so tense, yoga would help you!”, “You must necessarily do yoga!” …), and every time thought: No thanks , not my style.

But something in my aged muscle fibers brings me back to the mat. The tensions do not get better – and sometimes constant drops really hollow out the stone. In addition, there is great weather, and the retreat takes place in Timmendorf on the Baltic Sea, in the “Barefoot”, the hotel of Til Schweiger. Not that I’m a fan, but it could be worse: nice ambience, rooms with balcony and only a few minutes to the beach.

You do not have to do everything right with yoga – it just has to feel good

On the first day I learn: You do not have to do everything perfectly with yoga – it should feel good to you first of all. I do not understand all practice instructions immediately and so arch my back, turn my pelvis, unravel my spine to the best of my knowledge and belief. And when I look at Beate, one of the trainers, she says:

Just do what you can!

As banal as it sounds, this realization is worth gold for me. Until now, I have always failed to reconcile complicated exercise sequences, my breath and my brain. Everything hurts in the evening, but in a good sense.

As we sit down to eat later and sniff each other – the herniated discs, the mega-yogis, and Peer, one of the three men they laughed about in the office when he tells them he’s going on a retreat – begin something like group dynamics. The two coaches, Beate Tschirch and Eva Klein, come from different cities but have known each other for a long time and are a well-rehearsed team.

In the morning we do a “silent walk” to the sea, followed by up to three yoga sessions per day called “Morning Glow”, “Espresso Shot” or “Flirting with Inverting”. And the more I just do what I can, the more I suddenly notice how my hard neck relaxes, my shoulders loose, my pelvis becomes very flexible.

If the blood hits you in the head, you get really good thoughts again.

On day three, it gets serious with “Flirting with Inverting”, the flirtation with standing the other way. Handstand is the goal of the hour. The favorite discipline of trainer Eva. And hey, she stands head!

Looks really easy. What follows then with me, could best with “load crane pulls cement bag up” describe. It is unbelievable how difficult it is for one to succeed as a child.

But thanks to the help of my new yogi girlfriends, I actually make it after several attempts in the (well, okay, supported) handstand. My upper arms almost break, but if the blood hits you in the head like that, you’ll get really good thoughts again. Later, Google reveals: The exercise is considered one of the more advanced asanas . Well then, for being a beginner, I can be proud – despite support. As a reward, I go to the beach and lie down nicely in the horizontal.

In the late afternoon we have the next unit: “Time to Detox”. And I realize that I’m looking forward to it. It’s really fun for the first time in my life. Why is that? By the way Eva and Beate teach, me, by the sea …? I dont know. What ever.

Nikolas tips for the yoga vacation

Up on the mat

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Barefoot Hotel. A bit of Malibu, a bit of Scandinavia, lots of Til Schweiger (the walls are full of family photos). Nice bright rooms in white, beige and wood, some with balcony. They value natural materials, a small wellness area and a nice terrace. If you like the beach house style, you will love it here! Only the service is a bit too casual for me. DZ / F from 95 Euro (Schmilinskystraße 2, Timmendorfer Strand, Tel. 045 03/76 09 10 00, ). Incidentally, the hotel also offers its own yoga retreats.

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